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mmmm coffeee


me and my bow

mmmm coffeee

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me and my bow
and a nice big cup of it as well.  hopefully this gets me through a dull day at the dollar store.  Been a long week, just running around, going home, picking stuff up downstate, locking myself out (again) and needing to get out to do some fun.    I am still battling the blues a little bit, also said something to my former gf and didn't get a response to it...  slightly regretting it, wonder why I put myself through the wringer...

On a different note I love my CCW.  :D
  • passing through.. yes lame

    You have a lot more potential as a person to be doing what you're doing with your life. I'm going to take a page out of my boys book and tell you that if there is something out there that you want to do with your life to put yourself out there and do it.

    I learned a lot from Zak, put myself out there and things are changing but only because I took the risks. I'm not saying everything is going to be reasons, sunshine and fluffy bunnies, but it is, however, at least worth it to try.

    Stepping out of the shadows, taking off the masks we wear daily and living a life of transparency and honesty is a frightening thing to do. Perhaps harder than facing the past because it is the past that creates them, letting down the walls and barriers is the hardest thing to do.

    But once you do and start living an authentic life and being true and honest to yourself and accepting yourself and your life as it is one moment at a time, it all changes.

    Good luck.

    • Re: passing through.. yes lame

      ya know keri.... oh I'm sorry Kit, the day I listen to advice fom you is the day that the gods come down from Asguard to wage the final battle.
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