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From the Mind of Me



me and my bow


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me and my bow
Ok who has one and who would like to keep in touch with me, since you see how often I'm posting on here.  what this is the first time in a couple of months.

so yeah i'm alive, had a cold last week, beat it back with a lot of vitamin-c, chirstmas is in full swing at both stores and I swear I'm going to loose my mind.  Now the little chunk of bad news, I won't be able to spend thanksgiving with my family, I only have the day off and I may draw the short straw and work at the dollar store. 
  • FB? I do!

    I've managed a dollar store before, you have my sympathies...you can always come here for Turkey Day.
    • It would be one hell of a drive, just to show up and turn around or only get half way and have to come back. sometimes i hate working retail.
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